Event description

Who Should Attend?

IIPLA Annual Meeting 2016 is being organized for IP lawyers, in-house and external IP counsel, law firm partners, legal service providers, legal outsourcing service executives, policy makers, IP service buyers and investors in the IP world, along with the stakeholders in the legal and Intellectual Property Industry. The attendees further include educators & learners from global universities.

Why Attend?

IIPLA Annual Meeting 2016 is the next step towards the unification of IP trends Worldwide. IIPLA Annual Meeting 2016 aims to create an International Forum of Intellectual Property for In-house IP lawyers, partners, IP Agencies, Law Firms and providers of other services in the legal industry. IIPLA Annual Meeting 2016 facilitates exchange of experience & ideas and encourages cross border cooperation. Thus, IIPLA Annual Meeting 2016 would enrich the participants with IP knowledge, resources and its application in future.


Christopher Lattin

  • Vice President of Intellectual Property at Tessera Technologies, Inc (USA)
  • Christopher Lattin is the Vice President of Intellectual Property at Tessera Technologies, Inc. He leads a team of attorneys and professionals that address all strategic patent prosecution and trademark issues on a corporate-wide and global basis. Prior to joining Tessera he served as outside counsel to the world’s leading corporate innovators with law firms across the U.S., including Lee & Hayes and Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz. He also formerly served as a patent examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the semiconductor arts. Chris earned his J.D. degree at George Mason University and his B.S. degree in Materials Science & Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Gordon Huang

  • Director of Patenting, Network and Services at Nokia Tech (USA) Nokia (USA)

Subroto Bose

  • Senior Director Global Patent Strategy and IP Operations at Dolby Laboratories (USA)

Heinz Mueller

  • Professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (Switzerland)



Hyatt Regency , Santa Clara
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